Fourteen Years of Diplomatic Life in Japan

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  1. The Sunny Side of Diplomatic Life, , by L. de Hegermann-Lindencrone.
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  4. Fourteen years of diplomatic life in Japan; leaves from the diary of Baroness ALbert d'Anethan ..

On Tuesday 29th October, the Slovak and Czech embassies in The Hague organised a concert to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, a momentous historical event that took place on 17th November The concert was organised in De Kloosterkerk church, and saw the attendance of many excellencies, as well as representatives from international organisations and courts located in The Hague. To begin the evening, the ambassadors of Slovak and Czech Republics, H.

Arvid Henkes and Mrs. Victoria Kovalenchikova; Dr. Doret Huibers; artist Mr. Chris Tap; Kurhaus owner Mr. Giovanni van Eijl and art stylist Ms. Monica Verweij.

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Hisham Al-Alawi. Mohamed Ali Al-Hakim, who payed a two-day visit to the Netherlands. Distinguished guests, among others the ambassadors of many Arab and European countries, including the Ambassadors of the Russian Federation, H. Alexander Shulgin, Italy, H. Andrea Perugini, the Kingdom of Morocco, H. Abdelouahab Bellouki,…. Furthermore, senior representatives of…. By Guido Lanfranchi. Forty years after the hostage crisis, tensions between the United States and Iran are once again escalating. In early November , forty years after the…. In addition to the buyers from neighboring African countries, international buyers from….

By Theodor Zima, foreign policy journalist. Our technologically advanced and progressive world is literally overwhelmed by daily flows, or rather avalanches, of information. We are swimming into a sea of fakes, so hard to resist, moving further away from the shore every day.

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By Barend ter Haar. Once upon a time there was a city by the sea with beautiful beaches. Every New Year was welcomed by two large bonfires on the beach that were built by inhabitants of two neighbourhoods that bordered the sea.

The Sunny Side of Diplomatic Life, , by L. de Hegermann-Lindencrone.

The teams of both neighbourhoods competed to build the most large and impressive pyre. That went well for several years, until the teams started building the pile higher and higher, far beyond what was permitted and far beyond what was safe. The mayor of the city was faced by a dilemma. Should she enforce the rules, in view…. By Priscilla C.

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In general, Embassies and Consulates with local employees fall under Dutch law and are treated like any other employer in the Netherlands. What are the fourmost important changes? Contracts 1. Extension of provisions for consecutive fixed-term employment contracts chain provision As per 1 January , employers can conclude three fixed-term employment contracts in three years instead of two years, without an employee being entitled…. A great community beautification project, called HoodTransformers, is taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria, co-initiated by a former Diplomat Magazine Team member, Diana Totinska.

HoodTransformers started as a citizen initiative aiming to encourage locals to take care of the public spaces and the neighbourhoods around their homes and offices.

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Some of the activities of the association include planting flowers and plants in concrete planter boxes around the city streets, clean-up events, raising awareness and sensitivity regarding dirt and litter pollution, cleaning graffiti tags and hate speech from buildings considered as cultural heritage. The initiative will draw together a large number of high-level participants, including the UN Secretary General and more than 30 heads of state and government. Six transversal themes related to global governance. Antonio Guterres, over 30 heads of state and government, as well as representatives of international organizations, NGOs, think tanks, and foundations.

More than 80 multi-stakeholder debates,….

By Steve Roberts. The Brexit has been delayed once more. Apparently the EU…. Portrait of a Delft Family.

Much less known is his contemporary and fellow Delft painter Pieter de Hoogh and more is the pity. Featuring the…. Ken Francisco Bucheli Nakagawa. His name alone, a curious hint of his multicultural roots and internationalism. At 22 years old, Ken has lived in at least six countries and is a polyglot: speaking English, Spanish, French, and German fluently. Ken was born in Japan, his father hails from Ecuador whereas his mother is native to Japan, two cultures separated by the breath of the Pacific Ocean and seemingly at complete opposites of….

By Anton Lutter. Pauline Krikke as mayor of The Hague. The Kings Commissioner Mr. Jaap Smit has appointed political heavyweight…. Color and passion from all over the world — five days in Kokand By Hester Dijkstra. Uzbekistan, a country with a magnificent historic architecture, as well as a rich crafts tradition. As we quickly realized, it was there that the best objects and souvenirs could be found. The majority of tourists generally do not come to Kokand, as they more often visit the capital Tashkent and the ancient cities of Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva.

These cities are known for their…. New York City, 8 October The blockade continues to be the fundamental obstacle to the implementation of both the Economic and Social Development Plan until and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It also represents consular interests of Australia, Canada and the US.

Fourteen years of diplomatic life in Japan; leaves from the diary of Baroness ALbert d'Anethan ..

Wikipedia Commons: Gsalomonsson. Related Story: North Korea says it won't disarm nukes until sanctions end, Trump says he 'fell in love' with Kim. Key points: Foreign embassies in North Korea are mostly in a special section of Pyongyang Embassies are sovereign territory, and diplomats receive immunity However, safety cannot be guaranteed due to unpredictability of the regime.

Photo: countries maintain diplomatic relations with North Korea and 25 of them have embassies in Pyongyang.

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North Korea: 'Socialist Fairyland'? At first glance, Pyongyang does seem like the socialist fairyland the Kim dynasty always dreamed it would be — but it quickly becomes clear things are a lot more complicated. Photo: Andry Yuwono has worked for the Indonesian embassy in Pyongyang for 16 years. His eldest son attended an international school from kindergarten to high school. Facebook: Andry Yuwono. Photo: The Russian embassy in Pyongyang is one of the largest in the country and sits outside of the diplomatic compound.