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No client would ever trust me again. Her eyelids fluttered, her lips parting of their own accord. He ran his tongue along the same spot over and over until she trembled.

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Invariably ending on an erotic cliffhanger, the preview scene is often a kind of narrative equivalent of the clinch image and is charged with the same sense of expectation, sexual tension and narrative determinism that marks the clinch. In this process the preview scene not only invokes but also reinforces and perpetuates a number of the stereotypes already surrounding the genre, much like the clinch that is its visual equivalent.

However, this interpretation of conventionality fails to recognize how the web of conventions also creates a context in which every minute variation upon the convention stands out. This particular creative dynamic is prefigured in the strongly conventional preview scene, which illustrates for the romance reader precisely how the author deals with the central creative task of the category format of fusing various sets of conventions with the appropriate amount of creative variation.

Voice is determined by both narrative and linguistic elements and includes such things as the rhythm of the text, the cadence of the dialogue, the pace of the story, the tone of the narrative, the development of the characters, etc.

The First Reviews of Every Toni Morrison Novel | Book Marks

As I have pointed out elsewhere, voice is an important evaluation criterion in the popular romance genre and one that both editors and readers frequently cite as a potentially decisive factor in their evaluation of a particular romance novel. The potential for a double interpretation is a semiotic pattern that is present in nearly every aspect of these material conditions and that is implemented in a coherent and coordinated way.

This interpretation is achieved via the repetitive material invocation of numerous widespread stereotypes that surround the genre in our culture. This public intelligibility of its material code is an important commercial consideration for a book that circulates in a wide variety of cultural and commercial spaces frequented by a wide variety of consumers. Gelder On the contrary, the category romance is very obvious in its material genre performance.

This is how it differs from Literature. Although it is precisely this very emphatic generic conventionality that gives rise to the stereotypical interpretation of genre literature in general and the category romance novel in particular as a kind of literature that is repetitive, formulaic and inferior to literary fiction, this is the price that the category romance novel is apparently willing to pay in order to achieve the generic transparency that is the commercial bread and butter of popular fiction. Like the public, the romance reader recognizes the stereotype-driven public code as signaling the romance generic identity.

Instead of further supporting the stereotype-based public interpretation of generic standardization, this hidden secondary layer of the material code consistently signals ways in which the romance novel develops a more specific identity. As illustrated in the analyses above, the degree of specificity of this identity increases gradually.


The strong conventionality that marks the material packaging of the novel functions in a complex way that defies the stereotypes of simplicity, formula and repetition that surround the genre even as, on its surface level, it reinforces and perpetuates these same stereotypes. Only on the basis of such generic knowledge can this seemingly overwhelming conventionality be perceived and recognized as markers of variation and deviation instead of repetition and similarity.

The secondary layer remains hidden from view and can only be perceived by those who always-already know it is there. Although this strategy is a testimony to the predominance of genre classifications in popular fiction, it also raises new questions about the accuracy and effectiveness of such simplifying classifications. Indeed, if we consider this materiality to be a physical manifestation and performative representation of the identity and characteristic traits of the text as I have implicitly done throughout this discussion , the implications for the role of conventionality in the category romance narrative are potentially far-reaching and call for a renewed examination of the poetic functioning of both romance and other kinds of popular fiction.

Brand, Fiona. A Breathless Bride. Cawelti, John. Darbyshire, Peter. De Geest, Dirk, and An Goris. Flesch, Juliet. Gelder, Ken. Jane E. Goris, An. Sarah S. Frantz and Eric M. Frank Salamone. Grescoe, Paul. Jensen, Margaret Ann.

  1. Review of Alec Nevala-Lee's 'Astounding'.
  2. Read Tayari Jones’s Introduction to the New Edition of The Darkest Child.

Kamble, Jayashree. Uncovering and Recovering the Popular Romance Novel.

How to Write a Book: 13 Steps From a Bestselling Author

University of Minnesota, Kolb, Elene M. Little, Jane. McAleer, Joseph. McKnight-Trontz, Jennifer. Mussel, Kay. Paizis, George. Radway, Janice. Regis, Pamela.

The Snowflake Method For Designing A Novel

Roberts, Thomas. An Aesthetic of Junk Fiction. Selinger, Eric Murphy, and Sarah S. Frantz and Eric Murphy Selinger. Wendell, Sarah, and Candy Tan. Academic attention has particularly increased over the last five years due to the establishment of the International Association for the Study of Popular Romance IASPR in and the launch of the academic peer-reviewed Journal of Popular Romance Studies in For a non-academic discussion of these other types of romance front cover iconography, see Wendell and Tan If they are not touching at all, the story does not have any sex scenes.

Still, the observation is indicative of the highly coded nature of the romance novel cover. This subsidiary had a somewhat different profile than Harlequin itself, which was the result of the complex institutional history of the category romance market.

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Silhouette was originally founded in the early s as a separate publisher and one of the main competitors to Harlequin in the category romance market. Although from then on the two publishers essentially belonged to the same business conglomerate, Silhouette continued to be developed as a separate brand name with a somewhat more modern, progressive and specifically American profile than the Canadian Harlequin.

Over time the differences between the two brands became less and less pronounced, and in April the Silhouette brand was discontinued and the imprints published under this brand, such as the Silhouette Desire line, underwent a slight name change. The distinction between Harlequin and Silhouette or between such lines as Harlequin Desire and Harlequin Blaze may seem insignificant to readers who are unfamiliar with the category market and its complex institutional history, yet it is highly significant to experienced romance readers, as is indicated by the fact that the two brands existed side by side within one publisher for twenty-five years.

In both cases, readers sense the formal scheme as the norm that permits them to appreciate the figural variations. The writers are like the jazz musicians who give us a familiar melody at the opening of the piece so that we understand the variations that follow. We do not listen for that melody.

About Brian A. Klems

Distinctions That Matter. Campbell, Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, L. Ron Hubbard, and the Golden Age of Science Fiction , and bookmarked it 10 times more than any other book I've read in the past few years. It's no surprise at least to me that Astounding had much more of an impact on me—a transformative impact—than The Perversity of Things. I knew neither Gernsback or Campbell in person, or by any means other than their published writing. In contrast, I knew and worked with Isaac Asimov, the high point of which was getting him to write a Preface for my first published book, In Pursuit of Truth: Essays on the Philosophy of Karl Popper in And, as President of the Science Fiction Writers of America from to , and as a science fiction writer myself, I also knew or still know many of the secondary players in Astounding , including Harlan Ellison, Arthur C.

So seeing them in these pages was a tour through many significant conversations and interactions I've had in my own life. And on being a science fiction writer myself, Nevala-Lee's book also tapped into another profound wellspring of my career: I've been published in Analog 17 times 15 stories and two nonfiction articles—one story acquired by Trevor Quachri, all the rest by Stan Schmidt , and am a card-carrying member well, pin-affixed of the Analog Mafia. Stan's editing philosophy continued the best of Campbell's.

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