Lays and legends of ancient Greece (1880)

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  2. Lays and Legends of Ancient Greece 1880 [FULL LEATHER BOUND]
  3. Greek Mythology - 1 | Ancient Greek Literature | Mythological Characters
  4. Lays and legends of ancient Greece Volume 1 1880 [Leather Bound]

It is these ancient Greek and Roman myths that I will focus on. In most accounts, it was Zeus, king of the Olympians, who commissioned the Titan Prometheus and the Olympian god of fire Hephaistos to create man. Prometheus then secretly instructed this new being in the arts of Athena and Hephaistos so that man might fend for himself. The Titan thus tricked the gods on several levels and topped things off by stealing fire from the heavens as a gift to humankind. Not only was Prometheus severely punished for his deeds, mankind also suffered a great blow in the form of the second divine sculpture, Pandora, the first woman.

Hephaistos sculpted this creature and her beauty and cunning were meant to be the ruin of man. She was gifted to Prometheus' brother, Epimetheus, and inadvertently unleashed evils from a Greek pithos, or storage jar, that was a wedding present from Zeus. These evils would plague mankind forever, but would not be able to extinguish the flame of hope.

Table of contents

Of the 2, copies printed, were review copies. About 1, sold in 11 days, but then sales slowed to less than the next year. After two years copies of the first edition were still available, and almost were destroyed in the fire of Harper's warehouse.

Most of the first editions have orange end-papers, although there are 2 known volumes with rare white-endpapers. Also expect heavy wear and maybe even minor repair.

Lays and Legends of Ancient Greece 1880 [FULL LEATHER BOUND]

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Basket 0 items. Chaos begets Nyx Night and Erebus. Phanes begets a daughter Nyx. Kronos castrates Ouranos with a sickle. Aphrodite Ourania emerges at Kythera and travels to Cyprus. The Golden Age of Mankind. Kronos imprisons the Hekadoncheries and Cyclopes in Tartarus and places the Titans in positions of power. Satur rules at Knossos c. Palace at Knossos destroyed c. Troy VI built. Kronos tries to avoid the prophecy but Zeus is taken by his mother into hiding in Crete.

Greek Mythology - 1 | Ancient Greek Literature | Mythological Characters

When grown up he frees his bothers and sisters from captivity and wages war against Kronos. The War lasts 10 years. Kronos is exiled to Elysia and rules over Scilly and Italy. Zeus and the Olympians rule over Greece and the Titans are imprisoned in Tratarus.

Lays and legends of ancient Greece Volume 1 1880 [Leather Bound]

The Hyksos king Beon also called Khyan rules Egypt Inscription bearing his name found on Crete. Epimetheus is given Pandora to be his wife. Pandora is given a jar as a wedding present and told not to open it. Pandora opens it and mankind suffers the consequences. The Titians attempt to regain power but fail.

Atlas is punished, being made to carry the heavens on his shoulders. Typhon is defeated and imprisoned under Mt Etna.

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Thera volcano erupts in BC. Minoan palace at Knossos destroyed by earthquakes c. The First Brazen Age. Linear A inscription with the name Saiapis found in Crete. Achaean invaders reach region of Mycenae c. His inscriptions mention receiving tribute from the Danai Lycaon king of Arkadia introduces the worship of Zeus Cecrops king of Athens introduces the worship of Zeus Danaus becomes king of Argos in the Peloponnese after Gelanor steps down. Deucalion and his family escape in an Ark, which Prometheus tells him to build.

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Earthquake destroys city of Knossos c. Palace is rebuilt and used until c. Jerome Dionysus the son of Zeus and Semele daughter of Cadmus is born. At Pylos Di-wo-ni-so-jo is found inscribed in Linear-B c.


Second Mycenaean wave of colonisation in Crete puts an end to Minoan palace civilisation c.